How to Get Started With Essential Oils

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I started using essential oils a couple of years back now and you could say I’ve been obsessed ever since. They came into my life right at the beginning of my wellness journey and were the missing ingredient to living a holistic lifestyle. In almost three years, there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t turned to my oils in some way or another, whether that be to support myself physically or emotionally. Essential oils have an endless list of uses and are a great modality to have in your wellness toolbox.

What the F are essential oils?

In a nutshell, essential oils are naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots and flowers of plants. Essential oils give plants their distinctive smell and protect them by playing a role in plant pollination. In addition, essential oils extracted from plants can also be enjoyed for their beautiful fragrance, which is often used in beauty products and some are suitable as a food flavouring.

Why I choose doTERRA?

There are so many reasons why I have chosen to align myself with doTERRA, but the two main factors are their Co-Impact Sourcing model and the Loyalty Rewards Program.

doTERRA’s commitment to giving back through Co-Impact Sourcing is what tugs at my heartstrings when I think of oils like frankincense and cardamom. Many of our precious oils are sourced from developing countries. doTERRA goes into these communities and develops long-term, mutually beneficial supplier partnerships, whilst creating sustainable jobs and providing on-time payments at fair prices.

If you see yourself using your oils every day, and trust me it won’t take long, then you can opt into doTERRA’s monthly subscription service, the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). This is the best way to build up your collection and grab any promotional deals. LRP is easy to use, there is no minimum monthly spend, and you can opt-in or out whenever you like. Plus, you can earn points along the way to cash in and use like free money!

Here’s a snippet of my daily routine with oils…

I love to wake up and start the day with a refreshing, motivating diffuser blend like Elevation and Motivate. Then I will boil the kettle and add a drop of lemon to some warm water or my green tea. After cleansing my face, I apply tea tree to any skin blemishes, followed by frankincense for all its healing benefits. Once I’ve got dressed, I like to select a blend to wear as my essential oil perfume – I usually go for Whisper, Passion or Beautiful.

If I’m planning to workout, I will apply peppermint or Easy Air under my nose, on my chest and on the nape of my neck to keep me cool whilst I sweat.

After food shopping, I immediately wash any fresh fruit or vegetables in a mixture of warm water, On Guard and lemon to get rid of any nasties left on the produce. I also like to wipe down benchtops with a spray bottle of water, white vinegar and On Guard.

For my nighttime routine, I apply Adaptiv to my pulse points after dinner to help me start unwinding before bed and start diffusing lavender and eucalyptus about 30 minutes before I want to go to sleep.

There are so many uses for essential oils in and around the home. You’ll soon find yourself replacing costly, toxic products and instead referring to back your oils.

So you want in on the essential oil party?

Here’s how you can get you hands on the best essential oils in the world:

Head to my doTERRA website here
Click Join & Save
Select your preferred language and where your items will ship from
Select Local Order
Select Wholesale Customer
Enter your personal details and make sure my Enroller ID 9964555 (Caitlin Edwards) pops up
Select your preferred Enrollment Kit or add the Introductory Packet and your preferred add-on items
Click View Totals and select Standard shipping method
Click Process Order Now & Continue
Enter payment information and click Process Order

Now that you’re oils are on their way to you, have a look around the blog for more essential oil tips and tricks here and be sure to follow my Pinterest board.

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