How to Stay Healthy When Travelling


Last month I was lucky enough to go on my first holiday out of state in over 18 months! I can’t quite believe I finally got to go travelling again and visit a new place on earth. I wasn’t even mad about sitting on a plane for five hours. Whether you’re jetting off overseas or planning a road trip, just because you’re going on holiday doesn’t mean your health has to take a hit. These are my top tips for how to stay healthy when travelling.

All the gear…

Activewear when travelling is always a good idea – even if it means only wearing it on the plane. When visiting a new city I love the explore on foot and “comfortable walking shoes”, as my Mum likes to call them, are an absolute must! Think your trusty trainers that don’t leave with your 27 blisters. A sports bra, pair of leggings and resistance band also take up little to no room in your suitcase, so there really is no excuse. There are a million different ways to use a resistance band so why not give yourself a hotel room booty burning workout or stretch out your muscles after a long day of sightseeing.


I started travelling with my own water bottle a few years ago and what a difference it can make to your wallet. Almost every major city and tourist attraction have public water fountains you can top up at, saving you a fortune on overpriced plastic water bottles and doing your bit for the environment. I also find that I’m way more inclined to stay hydrated when carrying my own water bottle with me. Opt for a stainless-steel design for better protection and insulation, keeping your water cool all day long. I’ve been using my 600mL MontiiCo bottle for years now and absolutely love it!

Pills and potions

Everyone wants to feel like their best self when travelling, so don’t forget to pack your vitamins and supplements with you. Get on my level and pick up a weekly pill box organiser to help you remember what to take and when. There are also a bunch of personalised vitamin subscription services, like Vitable, which make taking your daily pills and potions so much easier. Most come in a convenient sachet that can be thrown in your bag and taken when on the go.

Fuel your bod

When exploring for hours on end it’s important to nourish your body with the right nutrients to sustain you. By eating a large breakfast packed with all your macro essentials (carbs, protein and fat) your body will be fuelled for hours. This gives you the option to skimp on expensive restaurant meals and avoid fast food. To keep you satisfied throughout the day, stash a handful of snacks in your bag to munch/graze on when you start to feel peckish. Fresh fruit and veg, protein bars, bliss balls, or even a trail mix of nuts and seeds are all great options.

Pound the pavement

Now you’ve got your activewear good to go, it’s time to pound the pavement. I mentioned above that I love to discover new places by walking everywhere as well as catching public transport where possible – basically, I like to live like the locals! There are so many fun and active ways to explore these days with segway tours, electric scooters and bicycle stations now available in most cities. Plus, if you set up the Health app on your iPhone you can keep track of your daily step count.

Comfort is key

This tip is purely for mental health. I’m a sucker for bringing my home comforts with me wherever I go. Whether you’re travelling alone or not, there’s nothing better than coming back to your room to a little slice of home. For me this means my own pillowcase, water bottle, favourite teabags (Twinings Irish Breakfast), house cardigan and fluffy slippers. I even packed my beloved Olaplex hair treatment this time! These comforts items can make the world of a difference and be just what the doctor ordered when away from home.

Do you prefer an active adventure or a relaxing getaway?

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