My Work From Home Tips for Productivity

My Work From Home Tips for Productivity

Since the beginning of COVID, the option to work from home not only became our new normal, it also saw many of us choosing the home office over the actual office. Whilst working from home does sound all fun and games, this can be a huge adjustment. Some will find it tough with the many distractions around the home (hello kids) that aren’t at the office, and others will thrive in a more relaxed environment. But the work won’t do itself and having worked from home for the best part of five years, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to see me through a super productive day of work.

Brain dump

This is the first thing I do in the morning; I wake up, make a cup of tea and open up my notes app and start my brain dump. Whether you’re tech-savvy or old school with pen and paper, a brain dump is basically where you take everything that’s on your mind and dump it all into one space. From there I make my daily to-do list, prioritising three main tasks – that way if I only tick off those three, then I’ve got accomplished what I needed to do and anything else after that is a bonus.

Get dressed for the day

I’m not here to say you need to get up and dressed to the nines every day in what may be your usual work uniform, but make the habit of putting on fresh clothes every morning – you’ll thank yourself later when the postman delivers. You may opt for your usual work uniform or just a clean pair of pyjamas or tracksuit bottoms. At the end of the day, it’s all about helping yourself keep the same routine and get into the mind-frame that it’s time to work.

Create a dedicated work space

If anything, this is my most important tip and it’s the one that keeps me from going insane. Having a dedicated workspace in your home is what is going to keep you from blurring the lines between work and play. Whilst sitting on your laptop at the kitchen table is all well and good, every time you need to make dinner you’re going to be reminded of work. Set up a small area, whether that be in your home office or a small nook in the house and remember to use this space for only work-related things. It’s also bad feng shui to bring your work into the bedroom, which should only be used for rest, romance and relaxation.

Don’t eat at your desk

It’s so important to be mindful of what you’re eating. We so often duck out to the kitchen and bring our lunch back to our desks to eat whilst we continue to work. Well, let me stop you right there and tell you that is a really crappy habit to make. Your lunch break is exactly that, a break for lunch. It’s time to literally stop and smell the roses! Make use of you allocated time and enjoy your lunch outside in the sunshine or in another room of the house that isn’t your dedicated workspace. This way you’ll be more mindful of what’s going into your mouth and be able to recognise when you’re full.

Know your hours

For me, I know I’m my most productive and creative in the evenings so I will prioritise those types of tasks for then and work on mundane tasks like replying to emails in the morning. Work out what time suits you best and adjust your schedule accordingly. Do you like to get up early and attack the day and relax in the afternoon? Or are you the complete opposite like me? There’s only one way to know when you are the most productive and that is to try something new and see when the magic happens.

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