New Additions To My Skincare Routine

Skincare Collagen doTERRA essential oil SPF rose quartz facial roller

After spending what feels like the better half of a century searching for a natural solution to help support my skin, for the sake of my sanity and vanity, I made the decision to go back onto my contraceptive pill last month. I spent most of 2019 tirelessly trying to clear up my acne, which not only covered my face but also my arms and back. During this time I enlisted the advice from my local GP and also worked with my amazing naturopath, Jolene. Along my skin journey I have tried just about everything under the sun from the dirt cheap to the ridiculously overpriced, and what I’ve come to discover is it really comes down to a few simple things: stress, diet and hydration, as well as the obvious, skincare products. Whilst I’ve now found an incredible natural regime that I love, there also are four other standout products that have massively contributed to the appearance of my complexion.

dōTERRA Yarrow|Pom

This baby is an absolute skin game-changer! This active botanical duo of Yarrow essential oil and pomegranate seed oil is made up of a bunch of different chemical constituents, but the main one I’m praising is Chamazulene. This is known for it’s natural antihistamine properties that can help alleviate redness, irritation, rashes and burns. I love how versatile this blend is and I’ve been adding a few drops to my daily moisturiser and evening facial serum or just applying it neat to extra dry patches. P.S. Don’t be alarmed by the intense shade of blue that Yarrow|Pom is, the Smurf effect does eventually disappear after 10 minutes.

Collagen Supplement

When I started seeing my naturopath Jolene last November, one of the first things she recommended was to start implementing a collagen supplement into my diet to help with my hair, skin and nails. My favourite product I’ve tried is the Nutra Organics Beauty Collagen and since it’s flavourless, I now pimp all my food and drink with it where possible. That’s everything from smoothies to soups, protein balls and raw treats to even good ol’ spaghetti bolognese. I’ve been taking this collagen product now for over a year and what a vast change I can see in the recovery time between breakouts and elasticity of my skin is huge!

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Crystal facial rollers seem to be all the range in the beauty industry lately and I can totally see why – just YouTube a video to check out the difference it can make to puffiness in a few minutes. My beautiful Mumma bought me this gorgeous rose quartz facial roller as a Christmas present a few years back, and although it has since sadly broken due to some rough ‘n’ tumble on my recent overseas travels, it became my most-used beauty tool ever. I’ve since repurchased one from Nutra Organics which is almost identical to my previous one, pictured above. I like to use my roller first thing in the morning after moisturising to help depuff under my eyes, and after applying my serum in the evening to further drive the product into my skin and assist with lymphatic drainage.

SPF 50+

I mean this one is a bit of a no-brainer really, it’s been drilled into our heads as kids growing up in Australia to slip, slop, slap everyday but even I can shamefully admit I used to be pretty lax on the sun smart front. That was until I received this To Save Face SPF50+ Superscreen face sunscreen from Mecca Cosmetica that was part of a beauty box. I’m still working on the rest of my body with the SPF but at least now I can safely go outdoors this summer and know I won’t come home looking like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. One of the main reasons I’ve been hesitant with applying sunscreen to my face in past years has been that it causes me to breakout in pimples, but since using this product I haven’t experienced that at all. I would even go as far to say that I now use this as my primer under foundation because it gives my skin an incredibly radiant glow without it looking or feeling greasy.


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