Rebuilding My Makeup Collection From Scratch


A couple of years back when I first really started blogging seriously I would go on makeup-buying-binges and waste a crap-load of money on products I thought I loved and thought were suited to me. It was all about what you had and how much you had rather than having what you needed, which I’ve come to discover is not all that much. So when I was feeling a like having a little splurge on some new beauty bits I decided that it would be a good idea to go through my current collection and overhaul any products I didn’t use, love or were past the use-by date. My main rule about purchasing new makeup was once I had sorted through everything to make a list of things I needed and a list of things I wanted. Then I compared the two, researched what products would work best for my skin tone and complexion, then shopped around to find a bargain – some retailers stock the same product at different prices! I guess you could say there was some method to this madness.

Clearing out the old

I made sure to keep anything that was high dollar value; a few eyeshadow palettes, my beloved By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadow Sticks and the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipsticks. I always offer my sister the first glance at what I’m giving away before passing it on to friends and family. She happily picked up the NARS Orgasm Blush I’d hardly worn in the couple of years I had owned it as well as a Too Faced eyeshadow palette and a few pink lipsticks. And lastly, what I threw out consisted of oxidised foundations (in the wrong shades) and old, crusty concealers, chunky eye glitter, interesting lipstick shades and anything I hadn’t worn in well over a year. And once I got over the initial stress of having to start my makeup collection again from scratch it was time to rebuild it. I broke down my shopping list into three easy categories: Base, Eyes and Lips.

A new base

I started with brainstorming what concerns I had with my skin and what I wanted to achieve from my base makeup. I have combination skin that is sensitive and prone to redness and blemishes so my main criteria was something light and breathable with a medium coverage that created the illusion of a healthy glow – not to be confused with this wet ‘dewy’ look everyone seems to be obsessed with. I wanted a good primer, foundation and concealer, colour corrector to combat redness, matte bronzer and a highlighter you could actually see on the skin. After a bit of research I settled on the Becca First Light Priming Filter, Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. Although I haven’t yet purchased a foundation or concealer, still trying to use up a semi-used bottle, I am leaning towards the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and Urban Decay for concealer and corrector. As for setting powder I’m still using and loving my Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder in Vanilla.

It’s all about the eyes

I have a quite small eyes and ones that tend to be affected by allergies so they water easily. Now most would go running for the waterproof mascara aisle but for me there is nothing I hate more and it’s so hard to remove. I also have horrible elephant-like eyelashes that permanent point down, and whilst I am looking into lash lifts and perms, my set of trusty lash curlers will have to suffice for now. On my list for eyes was: a good quality, finely-milled eyeshadow palette that covered everything from basic daytime wear to a night on the town, a waterproof black kohl liner and mascara they created a full and fluttery look. Both Anna and Allana (what a mouthful!) from YouTube are to blame for the following purchases: Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette and Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara. Anna is a big time lover of orange shadows and highly recommended this palette over the NARSissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette and Allana can’t get enough of the Lancôme mascara and has featured it in ever recent makeup tutorial on her channel. I’m still on the hunt for a waterproof black kohl liner so if you have any recommendations send ’em this way!

Luscious lips

This is where my inner hoarder comes out to play and last year I had to really narrowed down my collection of lip products as the amount I owned was becoming embarrassing. I offloaded a bunch to my sister and friends and kept all six of my Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipsticks like I mentioned before. Another recommendation from Allana, this time the Buxom PlumpLine Lip Liners, which surprisingly are extremely well priced! At first I was hesitant to try lip liners but they seem to be all the rage and the perfect alternative to lip fillers is over-drawing your lip shade with liner. I ended up purchasing six shades: Anonymous Allure, Incognito, Confidential, Code Red, Hush Hush and Scandalous. I also bought a lip gloss. Don’t faint. I know, I have detested lip gloss for the longest time but I’m becoming more open to introducing them back into my makeup collection. They also look great layered over lip liner, which has become my go-to lip look since I think I’m done with matte liquid lipstick. I’ve been wanting to test out something from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty range and this Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer is a bloody winner!


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