TV Shows I’m Loving Right Now

As a self-confessed binge-watcher of TV programs I get through quite a few different series each month. Once I’m hooked on a new show I’ll try to squeeze in as many episodes as humanly possible to watch in one night, every night of the week. I wrote a blog post a little while back on the Netflix shows that I was obsessed with and now I’m following that up with even more, but over a few different viewing platforms – Netflix, Stan, SBS On Demand and Foxtel. For the ultimate binge-watching experience there are a few essentials I swear by and those are: dim lighting, a very fluffy and cosy blanket, hot cup of something, whether that be tea, coffee or hot chocolate and some sugary snacks of course! Here are the TV shows I’m loving right now…

TV Shows I'm Loving Right Now

The Good Wife on Netflix

The award-winning program that’s had prime position in my Netflix “Continue Watching” section is The Good Wife. Described as a courtroom drama with plenty of scandalous affairs. Julianna Margulies thrives in the role of Alicia Florrick and if you’re a fan of Sex & The City then you just might spot Mr Big as Alicia’s husband, Peter. What I love even more about the series is that there are seven seasons with a good 24 or 25 episodes in each. I’ve been watching this with my Dad and we can get through three or four episodes a night. This program is perfect for any Suits fans out there.

Younger on Stan

Brought to you from the creators of Sex & The City, Younger will filled your Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda shaped whole in your life. Liza has struggled with employment after taking a number of years to be a full-time Mum to her daughter and now that she’s separated from her husband, it’s time to return to work. Set in the world of a modern publishing house, this program has me endlessly laughing and relating to the characters and what’s going on in their lives. Hillary Duff also makes her return to TV in this incredible chic-flick-eqsue comedy. This is my favourite to watch on a Friday night in with a glass of wine.

The Client List on Netflix

Calling all Ghost Whisperer lovers! Jennifer Love Hewitt, the ultimate bombshell, stars in this short-lived show about a Texas housewife and the job at a massage parlour she has to take to make ends meet. I recently watched the movie this TV show was inspired by – same actress, similar story line – and although there is only two seasons of it. I really enjoyed it and finished it rather quickly. I’m so sad it got canceled and unfortunately the show ends with a few loose ends not being tied up, but hey I guess that’s show biz. Plus there’s some real cute guys in this one: Colin Egglesfield + Rob Mayes + Brian Hallisay = all the heart eye emojis!

Ex On The Beach on Foxtel

If you’re anything like me then you’ll most likely LOVE a good trashy UK reality program (hello Love Island, Googlebox – it’s the accents that make it 100 times funnier). My new current love is like a spin-off of Geordie Shore where cast members live in a Big Brother type situation on a tropical island and await the arrival of their ex’s. Can you spell drama? Add in the balmy evenings and a lot of alcohol and you’ve got yourself some quality TV. I’m loving this season in particular because it features Chloe and Marty from Geordie Shore and it’s current season was filmed in Bali!

The Handmaids Tale on SBS

I was sooooo excited when I heard this was being made into a TV series. This show isn’t something that I would’ve naturally gravitated towards but since The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood was actually the book I read for my Year 12 English class, I already had a strong familiarity with the characters and their storylines. I’m about half way through the first season now and things are really starting to heat up, with some scenes being very confronting. I think why this show has done so well already with critics is that although it was written over 30 years ago the themes within are still very relevant to today and the current affairs going on in the world right now. I can’t wait to see what they have in stored for season two.

Shah’s of Sunset on Foxtel

We all know I’m partial to a good reality show or two, as mentioned above, and this real-life Persian drama is right up there in my list of favourites to watch. I love everything about these Persian-American stars and all the glitz and glam of living in Hollywood. Each season they usually take a trip full of shenanigans back to one of their homelands. My favourite cast member is obviously Reza Farahan, an openly gay man with a sense of style that even Chuck Bass would be enviable of. Reza’s one-liners and opinions are a quintessential element of this reality show. He’s individual interviews often leave my Mum and I in complete stitches.

The Hills on Stan

A couple years back on New Years day, MTV ran a marathon of The Hills and every year since I keep telling myself I’ll get around to watching it. But when I purchased my TV and signed up to Netflix and Stan I made a promise to myself that I’d finally watch it, and ever since I’ve been ob-freaking-sessed with this show. It’s the perfect amount of trash and I often put it on in the background when I’m doing my makeup or tidying up. If you’re a Lauren Conrad fan like myself then this is the one for you, plus you get a behind-the-scenes look into Hollywood’s most famous social scene.

Gilmore Girls on Netflix

At this point in time I can safely say that I’m probably a long lost sister or daughter of the Gilmore Girls clan. I’ve never related more to a fictional program about a single mother raising her daughter in the small town of Stars Hollow – what a cute name! The things that come out of their mouths are just as hilarious as the many fashion faux pas’ of the 2000s that they sport. This show is something I think girls of any age would enjoy, my younger sister also adored it. And lastly have you ever seen a Gilmore Girls GIF that wasn’t totally appropriate for any situation?



  1. July 22, 2018 / 2:31 AM

    I love the Gilmore Girls. I wish they would bring it back for more than just a reunion.

    • July 22, 2018 / 10:08 PM

      I still haven’t finished the original show haha

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